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Frequently asked questions

Air conditioning unit on the outside of a North Carolina home.
  • How long does an appointment last?
    Each appointment can vary due to the reason for visit. If it is for a problem depending on what that is, it could be a quick visit or a long one. Some problems take longer than others to diagnose and fix. Sometimes there maybe a second visit when the parts arrive for replacement. It is our goal to be efficient and as timely as possible. On average a visit can be 30 minutes to an hour, again depending on issue.
  • Should I turn off my unit before calling?
    Yes, it is best for you to turn it off until someone can take a look at it. Please let me know if you have turned the unit off while we are discussing the issue.
  • What is the best temperature to keep my thermostat on?
    The best temperature is whatever you are comfortable with. Some people like their homes colder or warmer than others.
  • How long do heat pump systems last?
    Most heat pumps will last an average of 12-15 years. They have a better chance of lasting longer or operating better with yearly tune ups and scheduled maintenance. We offer these options as well.

I have been in the Heating & Air field for over 28 years. I am proud to say that I am a State Licensed HVAC Contractor, that was a dream come true. I am very thankful and have an appreciation of the process.

We opened our business on Sept. 1, 2020. My Father passed away and unexpectedly gave me a financial opportunity to accomplish my dream. I became a Heating & Air Service Technician because of my parents prompting. We are sure they would be proud of this decision. Dad believed that you work hard and do your part. He was old school and tough, he worked numerous hours when I was a child to ensure we had everything we needed. I will always appreciate all that my parents did for us. Now we are doing the same for our family.

Owner of MacKinnon Heating & Air Conditioning, Kenny MacKinnon
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